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Humans of USU: Colter Smith

Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 01:01

Colter Smith

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USU SOPHOMORE COLTER SMITH steers a tractor off a trailer to begin his 3-hour lab class. Smith grew up in Manila, Utah and enjoys Utah State because of its “rural feel.”

The Utah Statesman interviewed Colter Smith, a sophomore in agricultural systems technology from Manila, Utah.


US: What are you most excited for in 2014?

CS: For summer to be here again so itís warm and I can hunt and work my horses and farm and just be outside without freezing my butt off.


US: Whatís a goal you have for this year?

CS: Get good grades in all of my classes.


US: What was your favorite thing about growing up in Manila?

CS: I could walk out my front door and go shoot my gun and do anything I wanted. I could take a horse wherever I wanted.


US: Whoís your celebrity crush?

CS: Carrie Underwood.


US: What was your favorite childhood memory?

CS: One of the things I always remember was when I was really little. Anytime weíd get ready to go on a trip in the wintertime, Dad would go out and start the truck to warm it up and the smell of the diesel exhaust is stuck in my mind, so whenever I smell it, it brings back a lot of good childhood memories.


US: Favorite singer?

CS: George Strait or Chris Ledoux.


US: What do you love about Utah State?

CS: That itís freaking awesome. I just like the atmosphere here. Itís got a rural feel to it, so it helps me put up with city life.


US: Whatís been a recent dumb moment?

CS: I was going to someoneís apartment for the first time and turned on 400 East instead of 400 West, and then drove around aimlessly trying to figure out what was going on before I made the realization that I needed to go to 400 West.


US: What made you want to study agricultural systems?

CS: Because itís the closest degree to doing the things that I enjoy, like working with my horses, farming and things of that nature.


US: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CS: Steak and potatoes.


US: What would be a perfect way to spend a day?

CS: Iíd wake up and have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, then I would load the horses in the trailer, drive up on the mountain, then once I got by Sheep Creek Park Iíd hook up the team and go drive them for a while until I felt like I was content, and then set up camp, go fishing, catch dinner and sleep out under the stars.


US: Whereís your favorite place in the world?

CS: South Valley or in the mountains by my house, the Uintas.


US: Best advice youíve ever been given?

CS: When I was on my mission, we were visited by a member of the Seventy and he told us that everyoneís going to be offered offense, but to take it is an individual decision, and not to take it, is also a decision. So when offered offense, donít take to it.


US: Do you have a favorite quote?

CS: ìCourage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.î ó John Wayne.


US: Who do you look up to most?

CS: I really look up to my dad, not simply because heís my dad, but because heís an incredible person. Because heís a man, heís morally good, heís honest and good for his word. Heíd give you the shirt off his back.


US: Whatís a typical day like for you?

CS: Wake up and go to my classes in the morning, then immediately after that I go to work, then after that it just depends on the day.

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