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Humans of USU: Madison Smith

Concert crasher has unusual talents

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Published: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 00:01

Madison Smith

Mikayla Kapp

Junior Madison Smith works in computer labs throughout campus. Smith had never visited USU before enrolling and said her good group of friends helps her enjoy it.

The Utah Statesman interviewed Madison Smith, a junior in public relations, from Dallas, Texas.


Utah Statesman: What is your most awkward roommate story?

Madison Smith: One time I slept walked into (my roommate’s) room, and I just happen to sleep not-clothed, and she had a guy over. I woke up and she was like, “What are you doing in here?” And I was just like, “I don’t know.”


US: Did you ever see him again?

MS: I see him all the time and I just have to apologize, like “I’m really sorry for that.”


US: Was that your most embarrassing moment, or do you have another?

MS: My most embarrassing story, I totally hate talking about it, but I will for this article. My friends (from Texas) and I … went to this concert, and I was so excited about it because I had never seen this guy live. So we went, and it happened to be at a bar, and things got a little crazy. I got a little too drunk. My friend was like, “I’m going to buy him a shot,” and I was like “Yeah, yeah, buy him a shot while he’s on the stage.” I was like, “I want to do it. I want to give it to him.”


US: How did he react?

MS: He was like, “I’m not taking that,” and I was just frozen on this platform in front of everyone, and I was like, “OK, what do I do?” So … I just drunkenly started yelling that “Shots” song, and then it just got really awkward, so he was like, “Ma’am can you please get off the stage?”


US: Who was the musician?

MS: Austin Gibbs. He was like, “Can you get off the stage?” … Then he was like, “OK, I don’t even want to play this song anymore. You’ve ruined the moment.” So me and my friends just left. I was like, “Nope, we’re done.”


US: Do you still listen to his music?

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