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Persian Peacock: More than a lingerie boutique

Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Updated: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 10:11

Persian Peacock1

Debra Hawkins

Some of the products available for sale at the Persian Peacock include clothing, jewelry and intimacy tools. Jessica McWhinnie, owner of the Persian Peacock, said the shop only sells items made in the United States, independent or local. McWhinnies said once an item shows up in the mall, they yank it off of the shelf.

Persian Peacock2

Debra Hawkins

Garters are only a few of the many items sold at the Persian Peacock. The Persian Peacock also sells unique clothing, jewelry and intimacy items.

Having been open for 30 years, the Persian Peacock has seen its fair share of rumors but it's the rumors that keep people coming in for local wears and intimacy guidance.

Perched on Main Street in historic downtown Logan, the Persian Peacock gives a burst of color to the classic building with its pink walls and colorful window displays. With its mix of classic pin-up and eclectic vibe it's no wonder why people are curious about the shop.

Jessica McWhinnie has owned the Persian Peacock for nearly six years and in those years she said she has played the roles of stylist, sex therapist and salesperson to each customer. McWhinnie said she hasn't ended her job there. To ensure that her customers get the highest quality goods for their needs, she researches where it is made, how and what is in it. From fine jewelry to massage oil, McWhinnie said she has her hand on the pulse of the shop.

McWhinnie said the standard of the shop is that whatever is sold there is made in the United States, independent or local. She said once something shows up in the mall they yank it off of the shelf. This ensures that the Persian Peacock stays ahead of trends with their hand bags, jewelry and clothing and makes it possible for people to buy things they can't find anywhere else in town.

McWhinnie said she has learned a lot from building on a 30-year-old business.

"Once upon a time the shop was way more radical. As a business owner, I've held onto my ethics but I've grown up a lot from being a radical vegan and the store reflects that," she said.

With the many hats McWhinnie wears in the shop, one of her roles does include sex therapist and she said not always by choice. But she said she doesn't mind educating the newlywed, soon-to-be and suburban moms about intimacy and how to make it better.

"I definitely believe intimacy is an important part of a relationship," McWhinnie said. "In Logan there are a lot of people in monogamous relationships and we want to help them learn more about each other."

It's not just the girls that are coming in for the advice McWhinnie gives, she said, but guys, too, who she considers to be the "gold stars."

"I just want to give a gold star to the virgin guys who come in here, don't know anything and want to know how to please her. We love those kinds of customers," McWhinnie said.

For those who are shy about coming into the shop, McWhinnie has expanded the store online and also offers Peacock Parties. Like a Tupperware party but being locally owned means Peacock Parties are specially tailored for each group and allows people to purchase the products in the privacy of their own home.

McWhinnie said the Peacock Parties focus on educating about the product rather than the novelty, giving people a better product.

Aside from selling unique clothing, jewelry and intimacy tools, the Persian Peacock is also heavily involved with local charities such as Stokes Nature Center, The Moon Dog Ball and Planned Parenthood's Chocolate Festival. McWhinnie said they choose charities that are locally based to ensure that they are helping the community and keeping their money in the local economy.

With the holiday season approaching, McWhinnie has stocked up on new jewelry, party dresses and "everything you could possibly need to stuff your stockings." McWhinnie encourages everyone to come down to the shop and see what it is all about for themselves.

"Don't be scared," McWhinnie said. "We are actually nice."


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