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ASUSU gains formal RHA voice

staff writer

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 31, 2013 12:01


THE RHA COUNCIL HOLDS the general council meeting for housing on campus along with dining services and an ASUSU representative. SAMANTHA BEHL photo



The Regional Housing Association held a general meeting Wednesday with representatives from each area of campus housing, members of USU Dining Services and for the first time, a representative of the ASUSU Executive Council. During the meeting the south campus area was awarded $150 for an activity in March pertaining to all students on campus.

Kenny Fryar-Ludwig and Analee Scoresby, two representatives of the south campus housing area, requested the money to help fund a “Speak Easy” party on campus.

“It is a 1920’s bar party where we’ll be serving mocktail drinks and where everyone shows up in 1920’s costumes,” Scoresby said. “There’s music, dancing, poker. Basically it’s just a fun party where people can hang out on a Friday night.”

Scoresby said the activity was not only meant to be entertaining but also educational for all those who attend.

“While they’re having fun, we’re actually teaching them something,” Scoresby said. “The things that they’re able to learn is how to take personal responsibility for their safety; to be aware of their surroundings in social situations like parties especially where there’s drinks, whether that be alcohol or not.”

Scoresby said the type of influence students experience at parties from alcohol and drug use is often overlooked in Utah culture.

She said the “Speak Easy” party would help students learn how to cope with this type of situation.

Fryar-Ludwig said the south campus area has done this type of event for the past six years but this year decided to join with campus dining services to make a better experience for the students. He said the $150 from the RHA fund will help cover any extra catering costs as well as costs from using the Artist’s Block Cafe in the Fine Arts Center.

“Our event money that we’re going to be hopefully receiving from you guys tonight will be applied to the remaining balance,” Fryar-Ludwig said to the council. “When we’re done paying for the invoice from Dining, any extra money will be returned to the RHA bid.”

Matthew Anderson, the RHA advisor, said the funds would come out of the RHA activity budget, which is paid into by fundraising activities such as a four-day-long dance festival held annually.



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