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Breakups can be awkward, funny or painful

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Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:02


MANY STUDENTs FEEL the pain of breaking up. Mickelle Yeates photo illustration



During this time of year, relationships and everything coming with them are hot topics. Breakup stories can be humorous, awkward and just downright sad. USU students have had their fair share of relationships gone awry. 

Brittany Brunner, a 19-year-old freshman majoring in pre-elementary education, said she met a guy because they were in the same group going to a dance. He wasn’t her date, but when her date was out of the room, he asked her out.

“Our first date was ice skating,” Brunner said. “It was really fun, and he was a real charmer too. He helped me up when I fell down and that kind of thing. Things seemed to be going great.”

For Valentine’s day, he shredded green paper on the ground, made a paper tree on the wall, and set up a sun in the corner so they could have an indoor picnic, she said. 

“Then he started randomly talking about this girl in one of his classes,” she said. “I asked him about her, but he denied being interested at all. Later I found out from his roommate that he was hanging out with her a lot.” 

Brunner said she confronted him about it, and he finally admitted it.

  “He told me, ‘The magic is gone,’” she said. “That’s really what he said.”  

The next day she got a lengthy text message from him apologizing and saying he wanted her back. She refused.

“I couldn’t believe that. I haven’t heard from him since until like a month ago when he randomly called me and apologized for being such a jerk,” Brunner said.

Another story comes from McKell James, a 19-year-old freshman majoring in elementary education. James went to a wrestling match to watch her rival high school with a friend and met Lorenzo.

“He was a wrestler,” James said. “I’d known him since junior high, but we had different friend groups. We hadn’t really hung out or talked ever, but he asked for my number.”

She said they started talking and hanging out. He bought boots for her birthday and she went to all his wrestling meets.

“Then we wanted to spend New Years together, but the family he was with was going to be up at their cabin,” she said. 

He invited her up for the day, but it didn’t turn out quite as expected.

“I hung out with his mom more than him, and he was acting really weird,” she said. “Then at the end of the night he told me, ‘We really need to talk,’ but I had to drive home then.” 

James said the drive wasn’t an easy one.

“I had to drive all the way home on New Year’s Eve and think about all the things we might need to talk about and how bad it was going to be, and then right before I got home I got pulled over right in front of my house,” she said. 

Lorenzo didn’t have cell phone service for days because he was at the cabin. James had to wait until school started again to know what was on his mind.

“He finally told me that he was graduating early and going on a mission,” she said. “He told everyone he was going on a mission. I was fine with that reason, it was OK with me.” 

Instead of sticking to his word, he left for Salt Lake City to join the Navy weeks later.

“I haven’t talked to him until I saw him at our friend’s funeral, and he came up and hugged me and my mom and acted like nothing was wrong,” James said. “It was really weird.” 

Spencer Williams, a 25-year-old senior majoring in biological engineering, dealt with an abrupt break up a few months ago.

“I dated a girl in the fall semester for a few months, but right around Thanksgiving we were getting ready to break up, so we could date around,” Williams said.

She was dating someone as spring semester started, and Williams tried to give up. They still talked quite a bit but didn’t think anything of it. 


“All of the sudden we were at a basketball game and she told me to come sit next to her,” he said. “Later that night her roommates told her that she needed to decide to either break up with her boyfriend or stop talking to me.”

She told him they needed to start dating again, and he said he was all for it. It happened to be his birthday, which was also Valentine’s Day. 

The two continued to date into the summer break and things were going well. Williams went on a trip for a week, came back and invited her for Sunday dinner with his family.

“My family loved her to death, so my mom gets this huge Sunday dinner ready and my family is ready to relax and play games together all evening,” he said. “She knocked on the door and I was so excited to see her, but she said to me, ‘Let’s go for a walk.’ I wasn’t really expecting a break-up, but immediately I knew something was wrong.”

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