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Caine Dairy fuel siphoning under investigation

staff writer

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:11

tractors parked at USU's Caine Dairy

DIESEL FUEL WAS STOLEN from tractors like these at USU’s Caine Dairy in Wellsville. DELAYNE LOCKE photo

Three hundred gallons of diesel fuel were siphoned from vehicles at the Caine Dairy Teaching and Research Center within the last month, according to Sgt. Travis Dunn of the USU Police Department.
Doyle Knudsen, farm foreman at the USU Agriculture Experiment Station, said he found a hose and spilled fuel on the ground around the vehicles the morning of Nov. 7.
“All the caps had been left off of the fuel tanks,” Knudsen said. “The tractors that were siphoned were full and the next day were empty.”
Knudsen said it appeared whoever siphoned the gas tried to get into another vehicle but failed. He said the fuel was siphoned out of three tractors, a 10-wheel dump truck and a boat tank.
“We all sat around talking about it and I got up and decided to call the police,” Knudsen said.
The dairy is checking records to pinpoint exactly how much was taken. Estimates are at three hundred gallons, but Knudsen said he suspects more than that was siphoned within the last month.
Since the dairy is in the middle of a large spread out facility, security is light, said Capt. Steve Milne of the campus police. He said the Cache County Sheriff’s Office was informed of the matter to help in surveillance.
“It’s kind of open,” Milne said. “There’s no gate that locks at night. People can drive in at any time of the day.”
Milne said given the price of gas and the economy right now, it is likely someone would be looking for alternative ways to pay for gas. He said diesel fuel is commonly used in large trucks, semis and farm equipment.
The investigation is ongoing. Police could not provide exact details about the investigation, but Milne said the department will interview employees to find out if anyone saw anything.


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