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Changes in parking lead to 834 warnings

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Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2012 11:10

parking tickets

A PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER puts a ticket on a student’s car for being parked below Old Main Hill for more than three hours. DELAYNE LOCKE photo

Parking changed from unlimited restrictions to a three-hour time limit on 800 East from 700 North to 1400 North — with the exception of parking meters — as of September to help with traffic congestion during the day, Lt. Jeff Simmons of the Logan City Police said. The street below Old Main, 700 East, was restricted to three hours from 400 North to 600 North.


“Honestly it’s about as good as we can get for what we have,” Simmons said. “Truly we just don’t have enough streets for all the people we have flowing into Logan every day.”


Students and university faculty who used to park on streets around USU all day can no longer keep their cars in the same place, Simmons said. The options left for those who drive to campus are to either move their cars before the time limit is up or purchase a parking permit, he said.


A statement from James Nye, director of Parking and Transportation Services at USU, said the parking regulations were made to provide more parking opportunities for students.


“These stalls were always utilized by people who arrive early and stayed all day,” Nye said. “With the three-hour parking restrictions there is greater turnover, resulting in more parking availability for students.”


Nye said parking permit sales so far are about the same as last year. The parking office sold 3,938 Blue and Yellow permits in 2011, and 3,930 were sold as of Oct. 3, Nye said.


Flyers were posted in the areas where changes were being made when school started, and signs went up after Labor Day. Each sign designates the parking within 100 feet in each direction. Simmons said the parking officers employed by the police department issued warnings at first in new areas, but now they are ticketing. Logan Parking Enforcement issued 834 warnings and tickets around the city in September, according to Simmons.


The new signs posted currently do not say how long the parking restrictions are enforced. However, Simmons said the parking officers only work 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and the signs will be changed to reflect that. Winter parking restrictions will be the same as every year, he said. Parking on city streets will not be allowed from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Nov. 15 through February 28 to make snow removal easier, he said.


The parking officers mark the back left tire of a vehicle with a line of chalk and come back later to see of the vehicle is still there. An unnamed parking official explained that merely driving down the street to park in a different stall will not completely remove the chalk. It is also a violation to rub away the chalk and people get caught by the parking officers doing it, the official said.

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