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COLUMN: For the males: Finding a fit

Beauty Basics

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2013 13:02


I love seeing a well-dressed man walking around campus. It warms my soul to think he took the time to look good, but it kills me when I see a man walking around in an outfit that does not reach his full fashion potential. Guys, please remember fashion is not only for women — you too can look stylish too. 

First, let’s talk about fit. This is the single most important thing you can do. I don’t care if you are wearing Calvin Klein and Gucci: If your clothes don’t fit properly, your ship is sunk. When I say fit, I don’t mean wearing skin-tight skinny jeans that look as painful as they feel. Most of the rules that apply to fit for women apply to fit for men. Look for clothing that shows off whatever figure you happen to have. Don’t wear shirts that look like we both could fit in there along with a great dane. Never, and I repeat, never wear pants around your knees. It’s not attractive, ever. 

So how do you decide if something fits properly? You could always take a woman with a good eye for style with you when you go shopping. I’ll go with you. Whoever you take will be able to tell you if something fits properly. If you have no female friends to go with you and I happen to be busy, ask a salesperson. If that doesn’t work, by all means take a good look in the mirror. Can you tell you have legs in those pants? Does your shirt exemplify your chest? Remember: Watch out for muscle shirts. Leave at least a little bit to the imagination. Does the jacket you’re wearing show off your biceps? Again, make sure it isn’t too tight. If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you are almost ready to go out in public. 

If ever in doubt, wear a suit. Most women will swoon over a man in a tailored suit. Think Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” — he always gets the girls, and this should tell you something. However, if suits really aren’t your thing, you do have some other options.

When it comes to shirts, avoid things that are trashy, 10 years old, and untailored. Shirts with slogans or sayings are great, but only if i’m going to laugh out loud when I read them. If not, skip the saying and go for a plain colored t-shirt. Aeropostale and American Eagle logos aren’t bad. You can get away with those.

Look for v-necks, polos, button-ups, almost anything in plaid and sweaters. You’re pretty safe with any of those options. Just a quick word of caution: Don’t wear a v-neck if you can grow out your neck hair to meet your chest hair. It’s not a good idea.

Jeans are great. I love a good pair of jeans on a guy. Don’t aim for extremely loose jeans or the super tight jeans, but look for a well fitting pair of pants. It’s like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears:” not too tight, not too loose, but just right. 

Wash and cut are important. Straight leg or boot-cut are the best jeans on a man in my opinion. The wash doesn’t matter very much, but dark washes tend to look better than lighter washes. Khaki straight leg pants are usually a winner.

Remember men: If you want us to look good, you have to look good as well. If you take away one thing from reading this, please remember to make sure your clothes fit!



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