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Dating do's and don'ts

Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 00:01

Let’s be honest, I’ve been married for more than 17 months and I have no clue how it happened. That makes me a dating expert — the No. 1 guru.

That being said, here’s my two cents of dating advice with the disclaimer that if you know me at all, you’re aware that if I know what is or isn’t acceptable or smart in dating, you should too, which means you should be able to figure out what parts of my advice to take.

First, to the guys:

Overanalyze everything.

How quickly did she text you back? What was her reaction? Did she smile at you in the hallway? All of it. By overanalyzing everything you’re sure to make rational, timely decisions that will lead you straight to Mrs. Right.

Just remember that her first name is “Always.”

—Plan out your entire future.

From your wedding colors to your kids names, map it all out and put it down in writing to show your significant other early on in the relationship. Trust me, by going down to the very last detail, you’ll show your potential mate that you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead, and the sooner you show them, the greater the chances are that she’ll stick around for the long-term.

—Nitpick and stress over what to wear when you go out on dates.

Should I wear the blue shirt? What about the red shirt? What shoes do I wear?

By making your date wait for you to decide what you’re going to wear, taking large amounts of time to prepare for the date and then constantly complaining about how you look all night, you win the adoration of the aforementioned date with your narcissism and self-absorption.

To the girls:

—Say one thing and then do another.

It builds trust. When you follow through on what you say, it makes you predictable, and nobody likes a predictable person. They’re dull and boring and monotonous.

—Flirt with your date’s roommates and best friends.

It scores major points with your crush/potential significant other when you get along with their close friends. It creates a pleasant camaraderie amongst the guy and his buddies and eliminates jealousy.

—Hit it and quit it/One and done.

Guys love it when they take you out for a good time and then you never talk to them again. Remember this. If you have a great time with a guy, leave him alone without another word explaining why —  it gives him the warm fuzzies.

–Curtis Lundstrom is a resident love doctor who graduated from Olympus High School with a degree in sarcasm. He has given advice to countless friends and colleagues with a 100 percent matchmaking rate, validated by his real-life marriage. Send any comments to or on Twitter: @CurtisLundstrom

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