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Expert reveals evidence of Sasquatch species

Published: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 12:04


JEFF MELDRUM, a professor at Idaho State University, explains that the Sasquatch species could very well exist, though he aknowledges there is still research to do. ARMEN HOVSEPYAN photo

    "My goal is not to convince, my goal is to open minds,"said Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. Meldrum has been researching the specimen of Sasquatch for more than 15 years and has received national attention for his work, both positive and negative.

    His research examines various evidences which suggest that the mythical creature Sasquatch may in fact be real. In particular, he hypothesizes there may be not only one creature living today, but as many as 500-750 of the Sasquatch species.

    "People have been so conditioned that this isn't possible that when they finally see it, it upsets their whole equilibrium," he said.

    Meldrum said many people, both inside and outside of academia, don't believe that Sasquatch could be real.

    "Some of the naysayers adapt that position because such a creature, such a species could not exist under our noses and not have been discovered," he said.

    Others, he said, don't accept the possibility out of stubbornness.

    "There's a certain chic to being critical these days," he said, "and skepticism is worn as a bright red arm band by some individuals."

    Dr. Robert Schmidt, USU professor of wildlife policy and human dimensions in the College of Natural Resources, invited Meldrum to come and speak.

    "I met Dr. Meldrum a number of years ago and it was just interesting about how he, as a person with a credentials in science, how he uses that process to look at Sasquatch, which is a very different way than the other Sasquatch fans," he said. "He has this logical process by which he sorta says ‘I can include this information.'"

    Ryan Carlisle, an international studies major who attended the lecture, said the presentation didn't affect his belief in Sasquatch.

    "It's a possibility," he said. "I didn't totally discount it. It could be."

    Halley Kartchner, a graduate student in human dimensions of ecosystems science and management who considers herself an amateur Bigfoot enthusiast said,  "I thought it was really refreshing take on the legend of Sasquatch. My other exposure to it has been kinda crazy people I guess."

    She said that while she's not completely convinced that Sasquatch is real, Meldrum's lecture made her more inclined to believe he could be.

    "It was really good to hear someone with a Ph.D and all this background knowledge giving his take on it," she said.

    Sara Preece, a graduate in marine biology from BYU, said, "I had never seen evidence presented the way he had. I feel like he presented it very factually, very evidence-based. He wasn't trying to change anyone's mind or convince anybody, he was just presenting objective evidence for people."  

    She said she doesn't necessarily believe or disbelieve that Sasquatch is real because belief connotes a religious type of conviction, but said Meldrum's presentation did make her think that Sasquatch could be real.

    Meldrum said he himself is not positive that Sasquatch is real, but that the evidence compels him to continue researching.



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The Other John Mc
Thu Dec 13 2012 07:41
Here's some scientific analyses that suggest Bigfoot doesn't exist:
Tue May 3 2011 03:06
One would have been shot by hunters or hit by a car by now. This professor should be fired.
Mon May 2 2011 01:31
For those interested in seeing Dr. Meldrum's evidences, here are some links to his research:

Or you can check out his book:

He did present a lot of his evidences during his lecture, but it looks like it didn't make it into the article.

Sun May 1 2011 22:30
If it exists, can't somebody just use dog to trace this creature? why every researcher try to go out there and wait to see something?
Sun May 1 2011 21:52
I think it might be real because there's so many eye witnesses that have seen it. Then there's some evidence that might be real like footprints, the Jacobs creature pictures, and strange unexplainable sounds that are recorded in the middle of nowhere. Sure some of it's fake but that doesn't explain all of it.
Fri Apr 29 2011 03:09
Either the Patterson film is a hoax or it is not. When Professor Meldrum says he is not "positive" this creature exists, I guess he's just playing it super-scholarly-safe. For me, there's no way it's a 'man in a monkey suit' , the persons supposedly involved just don't seem capable of pulling off something that convincing. Nobody (or group) in the subsequent 40+ years has tried something as audacious.

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