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Fight the New Drug holds 'Fight Night'

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Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 11:11

speaker talks about negative affects of pornography

Tyler Patrick, co-director of LifeStar, speaks to students about how pornography affects the brain Thursday night. SAMANTHA BEHL photo

The USU Chapter of Fight the New Drug held their semi-annual “Fight Night” Thursday in the TSC Auditorium. Speaker Tyler Patrick of LifeSTAR gave a presentation, “The Effects of Pornography on Intimate Relationships.”


Fight the New Drug has been operating on the USU campus since January 2011 and has educated USU students and the community on the psychological harms of pornography. Once a semester, they hold a Fight Night to inform students how pornography affects the mind.


“93 percent of guys and 62 percent of girls are exposed before 18,” said Jacob McBride, president of the USU chapter of Fight the New Drug. He found this statistic from an online survey conducted by Penn State.


McBride said one third of USU students have purposefully looked at porn. He said he believes Fight the New Drug is important to USU students because they are trying to get the word out about pornography because it is as dangerous as a lot of drugs.


McBride said pornography is viewed as taboo and with a high stigma.


“Especially here in Utah, it’s something that people just don’t want to talk about,” said Scott Heninger, a sophomore majoring in psychology.


He said society views pornography as worse than other addictions.


“I would much more openly admit I’m addicted to marijuana publicly than I’m addicted to pornography,” he said.


Heninger said people don’t understand the chemical science of how pornography changes the brain. He said for those who become addicted, it’s hard to let go of because pornography addicts have a natural instinct to not want to admit their addiction.


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