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Getting loud in Logan

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Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:02



For students looking to learn the art of humor, local improv group Logan Out Loud just 

started a four-week workshop to teach the basics. 

Improv is a form of theater where most of the performance is unscripted, and anyone can attend these workshops for a fee. 

“We teach them different basic techniques of improv,” said Jordan Todd Brown, a Logan Out Loud performer. “Also, they get a free show out of the three different shows that we do. They get discounted on a t-shirt and the chance to perform. We do an  exhibition show for them and so we’ll start up another four-week course  after this one, probably around March sometime.”

Jonathan Ribera, another member of the troupe, has a favorite games to play on stage called “a day in a life.” It’s where an audience member will give facts about him or herself and the Logan Out Loud members perform based off these ideas. 

“It’s funny because it’s such an intimate experience where you aren’t seeing a movie like everybody else is,” Ribera said. “You’re seeing something performed on stage that will  never be seen again. We play the same  games every week but it’s never the same show.”

“Logan Out Loud is great, I love going,” said Jon Larson, a Logan Out Loud fan. “Their close atmosphere and insistence on crowd participation makes their shows fun.”

Ribera said it’s good to be back performing to college students. The group was on hiatus for a while due to building problems at the Logan Arthouse and Cinema, where they used to perform. Logan Out Loud stayed busy during the time, traveling to Salt Lake City and doing corporate and private parties.

“Once we finally got this new place, we’re back on the train again,” Ribera said. “Back in the saddle, riding a train like a saddle? Training a saddle, saddling a train? Since then we’ve had a blast.”

Logan Out Loud members are just regular guys doing what they love, Brown said. 

“Kendall (Pack) is a literature major right now and Taylor (Miles) is going to school now for radiology,” Brown said. “We started them and it’s been the five of us ever since. We also pull other improvisers and comedians from Ogden’s troupe Mission Improvable to come down and play with us.”

Logan Out Loud members encourage USU students to take advantage of the improv workshop. 

“It’s improv. It’s all just happening right there and it’s fun for us and it’s exhausting, but it’s a blast when you get an audience that really enjoys it,” Ribera said.

Logan Out Loud performances are every Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at 72 W. Center St.



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