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OPINION: Aggie Nation needs to #PrayForDanny

staff writer

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2012 10:12

Danny Berger

JUNIOR GUARD DANNY BERGER collapsed during practice Tuesday in the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. Berger was transported to a Salt Lake area hospital where he is in stable but critical condition. DELAYNE LOCKE photos

Most of us here in Aggie Nation have a lot going through our minds noting what occurred Tuesday after USU forward Danny Berger collapsed at practice, both on the subject of Berger’s health and postponing Wednesday’s against BYU.


In my opinion, among much else, there are four things to take from facets of this event. Much of what I will parlay will be strictly my opinion on the matter. It may come off strong, mainly because a good deal of it has nothing to do with sports, but it matters.


1. This has nothing to do with the fans.

I completely understand how calloused that sounds, but this is a scenario in which the decision shouldn’t have to take into any account whether or not it appeases a fan base. This is for a player who nearly and possibly temporarily lost his life, a group of teammates and coaches who had to struggle through witness the entire situation and other constituents close to the situation who are simply trying to make sense of this.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, what is done in athletics is done for the fans as they stand as the sole supporters of the events themselves. To make any sense of what certain decisions are made the way they are, one must first understand that fans simply don’t play a role.


2. The decision to postpone the game was completely up to Utah State, and whatever decision they make is the right one.

We cannot nor should not claim we have any clue what these people are going through. If they feel unfit to lace up and play amid their experience it is solely up to them. Two thoughts from this come to play.


First, we should sincerely give a huge amount of respect to a BYU organization that didn’t have to agree to move the date, but still did. Most of our interactions with them tend to be biting, but this was a huge sign of class for them to allow USU to take the time they needed from this.


Second, it is time we should shut our mouths on internet forums and stop trying to compare this situation to others. It is difficult, if not impossible, to decide what situations are more sensitive than others.


To be blunt, shame on those few fans in Provo who had the audacity to compare what these players are going through to BYU playing after losing Brandon Davies to a broken policy.


There is a grave difference between losing a scholarship and losing a life. As pure adults, alma maters aside, we should all know better.

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