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OPINION: Breaking down the WAC Championship edition

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:11

And here it is, the game to end all games – or at least in the Western Athletic Conference. But we’ll get to that later.

UTSA at Idaho

Is it getting a little old seeing us pick against Idaho week after week? We hope not, because you’re getting a healthy dose of it again today.


We cannot emphasize enough just how bad the Vandals are and we don’t care if they hear it. The only team they’ve beaten is New Mexico State, which would be fine if they played a BCS schedule instead of a WAC schedule. Idaho has been outscored 94-26 in its last two games.


No offense to UTSA, but they would win this game even if they were a wannabe-FCS team that just made the jump up to play FBS. Oh wait — they are.

Brigham Young at San Jose State

There are times when we pick against BYU just to piss people off. While this is also one of those times, we still think the Spartans are going to win.


Granted, the final score last week showed the Cougars have any semblance of an offense, but don’t forget: They played Idaho. BYU won’t be able to move the ball this week, and the only way the Cougars will win is if they sack David Fales more times than Utah State did in its 49-27 win in San Jose, Calif.


We’re picking the Spartans’ 8-2 record over BYU’s 6-4, but we would have done it even if the Cougars were undefeated — like that will ever happen.

Texas State at Navy

The Bobcats are a meager 3-6 while the Midshipmen are already bowl eligible, but did you see Texas State put up 55 points on La. Tech? They matched the Bulldogs score for score and lost by a touchdown.


Granted, La. Tech has as much defense as BYU has offense — looking at you, Riley Nelson — so Texas State’s high-scoring affair is slightly diminished. Even still, Navy hasn’t beaten anyone of consequence.


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