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OUR VIEW: Avatar spoiled Earth Day

Staff Editorial

Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 16:04

Thursday is Earth Day, the annual red-headed stepchild of holidays. Everyone will still be in work and school, no special events will take place other than maybe a few environmental enthusiasts trying pressure and guilt everyone else into doing some kind of small and probably irrelevant act to make the Earth a better place. The day will go by, and probably a vast majority of people will never know or care it was Earth Day to begin with.

    This Earth Day is different though. This Earth Day, the No. 1 highest-grossing movie of all time will be released on DVD, probably to the excitement of nobody. James Cameron's "Avatar" somehow shattered the box-office records held by Cameron's 1997 "Titanic" en route to raking in more than $2.7 billion in box-office revenue.

    While the visual effects in "Avatar" were undeniably impressive, the story was unoriginal, the characters were unrelateable and, to top things off, the primary antagonists of the film were humans. It was a movie about how greedy and insensitive human beings can be, taking place in a futuristic setting on a planet that was not the Earth.

    So why is "Avatar" being hyped as an Earth Day release?
    Standard procedure for music, video games and DVD releases is for stores to begin selling the new release on a Tuesday, not a Thursday. So why is it that a movie, which does not take place on Earth and has Earth's most prominent species as the film's antagonists, is being released on Earth Day?
    It simply does not make sense and, if anything, insulting to humanity as a whole. It's bad enough that "Avatar" holds the record it does and that we'll probably have to hear about that record until is broken. Maybe if we're lucky, the next Batman movie can creep up to the top spot, but I doubt anybody is banking on that as a legitimate possibility.

    Plainly stated, we're all embarrassed that "Avatar" has earned the accolades that it has. We didn't need "Avatar" rubbed in our faces on Earth Day, but sadly that is what is happening. To that, we say, Shame on you James Cameron for giving a sour taste to what was previously a tasteless holiday.

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Wed Apr 21 2010 18:20
Um ... I'll tell you why it is relevant: "Avatar" contains several social comments in it, one of them being the theme of preservation and environmentalism in the film. The humans' nonchalant attitudes toward the order of nature and the fact that they are the antagonists shines a light on our real, take-what-you-want mentality. It is taking a look at what we already do but on a much more dramatic scale and from the point of view of nature. Simply put, "Avatar" is being released on Earth Day because it shares the same message. Perhaps this release was supposed to make it more obvious what the film is saying about the environment but apparently that effort was not effective ... at least not on you.
Nigel Hill
Wed Apr 21 2010 18:11
The central message of Avatar was that there are selfish people who make mistakes at the expense of the environment and non-humans. It calls on us to not be that kind of person, to instead be tolerant and accepting of others and to treasure the environment. Sounds like a great message for Earth Day.
Wed Apr 21 2010 18:08
Spot on. It is good to hear a voice of reason on Avatar.
Wed Apr 21 2010 18:07
Maybe they should do a spoof of both movies. Planet of the apes typed stuff. Avatars crash the Earth Day set. But seriously both movies good, but I think avatar would change me more then earth day. Maybe earth day needs to learn to speak to people abit better.
Mike T, Northcote, Auckland
Wed Apr 21 2010 17:52
What absolute garbage.

If this un-named author cannot see the parallels to this planet's Earth-wreckers, then he/she should not be allowed to splatter their vitriol on such a forum. Especially hiding behind an anonymous piece such as this. If they feel "insulted", perhaps they should look at their own humanity.

Au contraire - full marks to Cameron for his cinematic treat.

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