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OUR VIEW: Watch out for winter water damage

Published: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 10, 2013 15:01


It’s no secret that most of Utah’s population resides along the stretch from Provo to Brigham City known as the Wasatch Front. This fact, combined with the overwhelming amount of in-state students who attend Utah universities, leads to many simply considering college to be their “second home.” Many at Utah State live only a few hours drive — if that — from their homes and families, and don’t consider Logan their real home.

For those students who come from out of state and establish residence in Utah to take advantage of the lower tuition, Logan is not just a place where they spend eight months out of the year and then jaunt south for the summer: It becomes their home. As such, residents of Logan should make it a point to get renter’s insurance or have some sort of plan for when the unthinkable happens.

The Statesman recently ran a feature about the local band Little Barefoot and their upcoming album. During the interview at guitarist Alex Van Oene’s apartment, a frozen pipe burst and caused part of the ceiling to collapse. Events like this are common in Logan’s frigid winter months and can render thousands of dollars worth of electronic devices and other important items worthless within seconds.

It’s not just the winter months to worry about, either. During the summer, dry, hot weather can start fires. Human error can factor in as well: A stray BB set off a sprinkler in Davis Hall last semester, causing thousands in water damage and cleanup. Basically, one can’t predict when something will go horribly wrong. Doesn’t it make sense to protect valuables before disaster strikes?

It is safe to assume that many Aggies rent during the school year. It just makes sense to have renter’s insurance should anything go wrong, which the Davis Hall incident proved is a very real possibility. 

It is also safe to assume that many Aggies do not have the finances to afford renter’s insurance. That is understandable. However, students shouldn’t feel like they don’t have other, cheaper options for protecting their possessions. Buy a fireproof safe to hold important documents such as birth certificates or Social Security cards. Take down the serial numbers of important electronics under warranty so they can be replaced. Always wrap pipes with a blanket or another type of insulation if the temperature dips below freezing. The list goes on.


College is an important part of a young person’s life, and one should not have to worry about replacing valuables on a shoestring budget. Plan ahead: It will save your bacon. Or at least your laptop.

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