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POLICE BLOTTER: Aug. 24-Aug. 29

Published: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 12:09


Friday, Aug. 24


- USU Police responded to a call from an injured person playing at the soccer field near Mountain View Tower. The individual was transported to Logan Regional Hospital.


- USU Police responded to an elevator alarm in building F of the Learning Living Community. Upon arrival, officers found the elevator working properly.


USU Police responded to a call from the Big Blue Parking Terrace on a report of multiple individuals riding skateboards through the structure. Upon officersí arrival no persons could be seen skateboarding in the structure. 


Saturday, Aug. 25


USU Police found a brown leather jacket in the middle of the road on the west side of Aggie Terrace. The jacket was logged and placed into safekeeping. 


Monday, Aug. 27


USU Police responded to a medical call at the Living Learning Community. A student got the end of his finger tangled in a tug-of-war rope and it tore a chunk of skin off. The individual was transported to the hospital by a personal vehicle. 


- Officers responded to a call from Snow Hall to try and locate the "Redbull Girls." It was reported the girls had been giving out Redbull drinks in the housing areas, a violation of university policy. The girls were not located. 


USU Police responded to an incident that occurred in the Fine Arts-Visual building. Police were informed that someone might have been using a computer to view pornography. Police are investigating. 



Tuesday, Aug. 28


USU Police had an individual report that he did not have sufficient funds to get hinself out of the Aggie Parking Terrace. Police issued him a parking citation. 


USU Police responded to a fire alarm in Old Main where several USU employees felt they did not need to evacuate. Police could not get the alarm to resest, so a USU Facilities employee came and resolved the problem. 


Wednesday, Aug. 29


USU Police responded to the engineering building for a report of some pills on the floor. The pills turned out to be breath mints. Officers disposed of the mints.


- A complainant reported to USU Police that an individual was riding a scooter on the sidewalk at the Living Learning Community. Upon police arrival, the complainant had stopped the individual on the scooter. USU police advised the rider that she could not ride on the sidewalk and that she needed a motorcycle endorsment. The individual was given a warning. 


- Police responded to the Junction for a medical assist. A student was hit and knocked down by a golf cart. The student was transported to the Student Health and Wellness Center to address the injuries 


— Compiled by Allee Wilkinson

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