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REVIEW: 'Wreck-It Ralph' is pure nostalgic fun

Grade: A-

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 12:11

'Wreck-It Ralph'

‘WRECK-IT RALPH’ EXPLORES the world of Ralph, a video game villain and his desire to become a hero. Stock image

What do video game characters do when the arcades close, the computers are shut down and the consoles are turned off? They go back to their normal lives — whatever those end up being.


For Ralph, a video game character voiced by John C. Reilly and the villain of the game “Fix-It Felix Jr.,” normal means sleeping in a brick junkyard and watching the other characters of his game party in comfort. Feeling down in the dumps, Ralph goes to a Bad-Anon meeting to discuss his concerns about being a villain and his desire to become a hero.


After the meeting, Ralph runs into a worn-out character from “Hero’s Duty,” an intense action game. The soldier tells Ralph of some of the challenges he has to go through — all for a medal. Ralph’s interest is piqued, so he seizes an opportunity to take the soldier’s armor and heads off to “Hero’s Duty.”


He quickly realizes he’s in over his head. A strict commanding officer voiced by Jane Lynch, Calhoun, briefs her unit as the first person shooter — the player on the other side of the screen — moves to the front and leads an assault on the daunting cybug tower.


Through a series of events, Ralph accidently blasts himself into another game, “Sugar Rush.” While trying to get his bearings, he meets a cute and spunky girl voiced by Sarah Silverman, Vanellope, who has a desire to drive in the Sugar Rush Royal Race.


This leads into a crazy roller coaster of amusement and entertainment.


“Wreck-It Ralph” will take you on an exciting nostalgic journey into the world of arcade and other video games. It took the chance to explore the possibilities of what it would be like for a bad guy to be the good guy.


The movie features everything you’d expect from a video game — levels, mini games, and bonus levels. It was chock-full of video game references and classic game villains.


There was plenty of embedded pop culture throughout the film, which brings much of the entertainment for those 10 years old and older.


“Wreck-It Ralph” was not all fun and games. The story had a few emotional parts, which gave more depth to the characters and taught simple lessons that apply to everyone.

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