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Seniors reflect on college experience

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Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated: Thursday, April 25, 2013 14:04


IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS HUNDREDS of seniors will graduate and leave USU. Mickelle Yeates photo illustration



Four years: That’s how long a traditional student is at college obtaining their degree. Some stay longer while others finish in less time. The college experience is more than sitting in class and listening to a professor for an hour and half — it is an opportunity for some students to try things they have never done before. 

The end is days away for this year’s seniors. After finals, they will get ready to enter the real world.

Some of USU’s class of 2013 were not from the United States.

“I have a lot of family in Cache Valley,” said Lauren Ayne, a pre-veterinary major. “I was born in France, and I wanted to be close to people I know. That is one of the reasons that I came here.”

Others were drawn because of certain majors the school offers. 

“One of the reasons that I decided to come here is that they had a very good pre-dental program,” said Mike Thorup, a senior majoring in biology. “I also chose to come because the campus has a very laid back atmosphere to it.”

Ayne said the campus being so close to outdoor activities was another reason why she decided to come to USU.

“I do enjoy skiing and any other outdoor stuff,” Ayne said. “It really is convenient having the school so close to outdoor opportunities.”

For seniors, the end of a four-year journey has brought back some memories they will remember for a long time. From classes to sporting events and everything in between, students participated in a number of activities.

“I remember the last four years as just being super chill,” said John Terry, a senior majoring in fine arts with an acting emphasis. “It was a small campus, so it was really easy to get around. I absolutely loved it.”

For seniors, getting their degree meant taking a lot of time to go to class and study. Ayne said being able to do this helped her tremendously.

“I plan on staying here after I graduate to go to veterinary school,” Ayne said. “The professors here were great. They were always willing to help out and were very giving.”

Looking back on the years he has spent at USU, Throup said he really just came to learn and to earn his degree.

“I really didn’t socialize all that often,” Thorup said. “I will admit that the campus has a really good atmosphere, but I wanted to come here and learn.”

With the time for seniors drawing to close, others are looking back the times they’ve had, from hanging out with close friends or meeting the boy or girl of their dreams. Terry said beyond the social activities, USU has given him a powerful education. 

“The one thing that I will take away from my four years here is my degree,” Terry said. “It may sound like a joke, but having that piece of paper will open up many job opportunities.”

Before the seniors leave, however, they left some tips for the new students and the ones returning next year. Some said students should go to class and focus, while others said to just enjoy and take it all in.

“For an incoming freshman, one of the things that I would recommend is to live on campus,” Terry said. “It is a very great way to meet new friends and is a great way to prepare for school.”

Ayne had a tip for how new and incoming students can get ready academically.

“Just make sure you focus while you’re in class,” Ayne said. “It is really important to try and do things well while in school.”



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