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The Pre-Emptive Critics

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Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 11:11

The pre-emptive critics write knee-jerk analyses of upcoming films based solely on hearsay, advance publicity and- most importantly- movie trailers. They have not yet seen the movies.

‘Life of Pi’

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ve only heard good things. Admittedly, the trailer was a bit confusing to me at first. The first 40 seconds shows a young fellow mastering a huge disaster at sea. When things calm down he meets an angry tiger, but it appears they become friends as time passes — along with many other furry creatures.


Since the rather uninformative trailer only left me puzzled, I hit to the Internet to find out more about this pretty looking film. It turns out the young lad aforementioned is Pi Patel, who is actually now a grown man looking back on his younger days where he finds God and himself through some dangerous forays with animals and nature. Somehow, Pi ends up practicing Hinduism, Christianity and Islam simultaneously, which I just find to be downright impressive.


At some point, Pi is temporarily blinded due to dehydration and meets another blind castaway who initially seems friendly but inevitably tries to attack and eat him. Yum. Good thing Pi has befriended a deadly tiger who ends that little plan with haste.


The plot seems quite unique and clearly will reveal some divine inspiration to viewers. From the trailer, the filming was done quite eloquently and should be a beautiful sight to take in. Though I still am pondering the depths of the entire synopsis of “Life of Pi,” I preemptively recommend it.

– by Natasha Bodily/

‘Silver Linings Playbook’

“Silver Linings Playbook” is a movie about mental illness and is one that I have a feeling will strike a resonant chord in anyone who has ever been to therapy, on medicine for a mental illness or been diagnosed as mentally ill.


This is a love story, but I feel it’s going to be a real-life love story about two people who aren’t perfect and fall in love anyway. Really, I like stories like this one, the unhappy or even happy-after-ridiculousness stories.


After spending time in a mental hospital, Pat Solitano, played by Bradley Cooper, moves back in with his parents and tries to move on with his life. He is set up on a date with Tiffany, a girl with her own problems.

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