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USU equine program auctions horses

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Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 11:11

director leads horse out of stable

David Price, the director of Equine Science at USU, walks a horse out of a stable for prospective buyers to observe, bottom. SAMANTHA BEHL photos

The USU equine science program’s production sale from Nov. 1-15 features 12 horses, all up for bid.


A preview day was held Nov. 10 at the USU Equine Education Center where more than 300 prospective buyers came to see the horses. Dr. David Price, equine extension specialist and director of the equine center, said there are about 10 bids so far.


“I think this week it will get more serious because people have had a chance to come look at them,” Price said. “Up until now it’s just been pictures online.”


Price said with the auction open until Friday, he thinks people are waiting until the last minute to place their bids.


“So like eBay, they’re just waiting to see who’s going to start,” Price said. “Just like everything, last day, they’ll probably start bidding against each other.”


Each of the the horses in the auction are between six and nine months old.


“We call them ‘weanlings’ which means they’re not a year old,” Price said. “We bred them here, raised them here, foaled them here, the whole thing. They’re part of the class and the equine science program.”


Lisa Rasmussen, an equine science major, said her goal is to someday own her own horse.


“I chose to go into equine science because I’ve always loved horses but my family isn’t as interested as I am,” Rasmussen said. “Because of that, I’ve had to work by myself to learn as much as I can about the horse industry.”


The horses live in the pasture but were brought to the stables for the preview day. Price said it costs about $5 a day to feed each horse and they eat about 20 percent of their body weight.


“Probably six pounds of grain and maybe 15 pounds of hay,” Price said.

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