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Winter fun on Logan sledding hills

staff writer

Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:01


A SLEDDER BRAVES OLD MAIN HILL. The hill, though sometimes dangerous, is popular with sledders. SAMANTHA BEHL photo illustration


With fresh snow and cold temperatures in the valley, rather than hitting the slopes, some students are heading for the hills. With USU’s close proximity to areas of recreation, many consider Logan to be a prime spot for their tubing and sledding.

While students can be seen walking up the steps of Old Main each morning, others can be seen speeding down it throughout the day.

“I don’t go sledding that often, but when I do, me and my friends usually go down Old Main Hill,” said Shelbey Warren, a senior majoring in exercise science. 

Cache Valley is filled with parks and hills, offering many opportunities for residents to suit up and cruise down them on cold winter days.

“Sledding and tubing is permitted at Mount Logan, Lundstrom and Bridgerland parks,” said Russ Akina, director of Logan Parks and Recreation. “All city parks are open to the public from dusk till dawn.” 

Parks are not the only areas in the city where people go to sled. 

“The golf course is a pretty popular area for people to sled,” said Brandon Mullen, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. “And when I’m driving the Aggie Shuttle, sometimes I can see a hill somewhere in the valley where people like to go sledding. I see sledding lines on that hill every day.”

The cold weather and busy schedules can be a deterrent from outdoor activities in winter.

“I used to go sledding my first few years, but now I don’t do it that often,” Warren said. “It will either be because I am too busy or it will be just too cold to go outside.”

Julie Hollist, director of the Cache County Visitors Bureau, encouraged students and valley residents to go outdoors and enjoy the recreational opportunities available.

“One of the biggest mistakes that we make is hiding from the cold and snow,” she said. “It’s just sad if we don’t take the time to take advantage of our opportunities. It is cold, but we do winter right. Go out and take advantage of it.”

Hollist said there are several parks and recreational areas residents may not be aware of, but can also enjoy.

“There are numerous recreation areas just up the canyon,” she said. “Hyrum State Park is a great place for people to go and it is only five minutes up the road.” 

Akina said to use caution when going outside for winter activities. 

“At all times, park users including sledders and tubers should exercise courtesy, discretion and safety while using public parks,” he said. “Don’t walk on sled runs, wear a helmet, be aware of other sledders, take turns if necessary, wait for a sledder to clear a run and be courteous to others when building a sled jump.” 

To promote safe experiences while sledding, park staff inspects parks every Monday to clear any obstacles that pose a threat, Akina said.

Hollist said she had tips for people so they can enjoy their time outdoors. “Dress warm, take some hot chocolate, go out and have a great time,” she said.

Some who sled are less extreme than others and pattern their downhill cruising habits accordingly.

“Whenever I went down Old Main Hill, I would always try to go down a part of the hill that was flat and that was already used,” Warren said. “I would always use a sled instead of a tube because I have more control over a sled, which is easier when you are going down a steep hill like Old Main.”

With the snow and cold already here, Hollist said there are activities for everyone to enjoy.

 “There are outdoor recreation clubs and organizations in our community that provide opportunities for people of all skill levels,” she said. “From skiing to snowmobiling, there is something for everyone.”



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